Advanced Complex Trauma and Dissociation trainings

Fall 2021 

Training Dates

Sept 17-18

Oct 15-16


Dec 17-18

See Below for training site and Covid 19 information

We have spots available for in person and remote participation either individually or in small groups of 3-4


Early registration by July 31, 2021: $1695.00 ($1795.00 after)


Non-profit/ student/ military veteran early registration by

July 31, 2021:  $1595.00  ($1695.00 after)


Special pricing for groups:

Three or more registered together take 100.00 off each

Continuing Education:

50 hours of Continuing Education approved by:

  • Minnesota Board of Psychology  - LP

  • Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health Therapists 



48 hours of Continuing Education approved by

  • Minnesota Board of Marriage and Family Therapy


16 Hours of Continuing Education approved by:


General schedule for each day:

8:00 check in

8:30 Start

12-1:15 Lunch

4:30 Day ends

Due to Covid 19 we will be offering three different options for registration for this training. Firstly, we will be holding the training at two different sites that will each accommadate up to 10 participants. The teaching will take place at each of those sites at different times. There is ample room at both sites for small groups of 3-4 to practice the skills that we will be teaching and there will be at least one of us, Patti, Phyllis or Dawn, at each site. There is a large screen TV to watch the training at each of these sites.


A second option is to register with 3-5 colleagues and meet together at a place of your arranging. It works best if you can cast Zoom to a TV to watch the presenters. You will then be able to practice in person with the group you are meeting with and will be assigned to one "breakout room" so that one of the trainers can check in on your group during the practice times. We can assist with getting connected if needed.


The third option is to watch the training via Zoom on your own and then participate in practice sessions via "breakout rooms" with other participants who are attending individually and aremotely. Our experience training over Zoom in the Spring suggests that it is to your adv antage to meet in a small group rather than indidvually however we know that this is not possible for some individuals.